Tuesday, September 2, 2008

ZA (not timed)

Alright well we've talked about it before but never really done anything. So some of us (myself included) have done ZA and know all the fights. So we want to get together our core group and then we can pick up any needed pugs.

Post your class and spec obviously and what days/times you would/could go.

Weekends would probably be the best for the Aussies and myself included; evening time. So lets shoot for a Saturday or Sunday at 4 server time?

So far we have:

Healers - Gip (Priest)/Notwehr (Shaman)
Tanks -
DPS - Noxwarrior (Mage)/Allisyn (Priest)


Josh said...

Allisyn - Shadow Priest: Anyday After 4:30 Works For Me But Weekends Are Better

Flolade said...

Tudd - Mage (idk what spec)
Flolade - Priest (disc/holy?)

Jimmerz said...

Tudd you don't even have an account active why are you posting :P

John said...

Gip - Holy Priest
4pm server works for me. The best weekend days would be Friday or Saturday. I would not be available most Sundays.

Freak said...

Crystal and I would like to, but our live accounts aren't active atm. Since the beta doesnt require it, let me know if you want to run a beta dungeon though. We've been itching to try that.